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About Annette 


Education: Born in Higham Ferrers, Northants, Annette went to the Wellingborough High School for Girls and then on to Coventry College to study Art and Sculpture, but left early.  She subsequently worked as a screen print designer, then went on to study Textile Design and Embroidery when her family were older. Subsequently earning a degree in Education and Teaching.

However, she still wanted to fulfil her dream of being a 'proper' artist, and in the late 1990's she was fortunate enough to have the chance to become just that, with her own studio built in the back garden of her home. Printmaking equipment came in the form of an old mangle, which took some mastering, but it still takes pride of place in the studio, and an old photographic embossing 'stamper', these two pieces enable both linocut and embossed etching.

Lately the desire to paint has been overwhelming, and during the lockdown she has been spending her time learning new thought processes and techniques under the guidance of renowned contemporary artist, Nicholas Wilton.

Lockdown, meant restriction of course, but it gave her mind time to fly and this is evident in the latest mixed media pieces, longing for the coast which she loves with a passion, and the freedom of flight depicted by the soaring Red Kites which abound in Northamptonshire. These thoughts combined with memories of ancient archaeological sites - many of which were visited whilst travelling the world with her husband for business - and resulted in the birds'eye view of the shapes seen below, revealed only from this perspective. 

Sensitive and intricate, these works are developing into a whole new pictorial language which she is excitedly continuing to explore.

Annette still lives in Northamptonshire with her husband and her black Labrador, Vinnie, working from Blue Frog Studio to which visitors will always receive a warm welcome.

She is currently an active member of the Printmakers Council, the Art2Life Academy and the Art2Life Creative Visionary Programme.